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Passionate. Patient. Persistent. These are just a few of the characteristics that describe me. I know each animal is different, and I’ll work with yours to give them the specific guidance they need. Whether you’re thinking about getting an puppy or a rescue dog or already own a dog with behavioral problems, I am here to help.


Dog Training

Boarding School

Due to the current COVID 19  situation this is not an option at the current time but when things return to normal it will be.


Sometimes our dogs just need to go to school.


We over a very high level training package where you can either board your dog with us or have your dog picked up daily and trained. We only take one dog at a time so your dog will receive our full attention.


This level of training is great for people who may not have time to do the training that is required, or maybe you like the idea of going on holiday and having your dog trained whilst you are away.


All training requires a hand back period where the trainer will work with you to help you understand and reinforce the training your dog has recieved.

Dog Training

Do you own a naughty but nice dog?

You know the sort of dog I mean, it's a lovely dog, but it's manners are just not as good as you'd like them to be.

It may jump on visitors, steal food from the kitchen table, pull like a freight train when out on a walk, bark excessively, be pushy and general misbehave.

Your dog may even be less than friendly towards other dogs or people.

Some days, you get so frustrated, in fact it's embarrassing to take it out in public.

If this sounds familiar, then we can help!

Help is now avaiable on line with Good Dog Level 1 

Taking the dog for a walk
Rescue Puppy

Puppy Training

Puppies are fantastic. Lets face it who doesn't like a puppy?


You only have to walk down the street with a puppy and everyone wants to stop and say hello!


When they are young  they are very cute but as they turn from puppy to adolescent things can get a bit interesting to say the least.

That's when most owners realise that puppy pre school just wasn't enough.

If you are struggling to get your puppy or young dog under control don't wait thinking it will out grow its bad habits.


Get help now!

New Online training coming Soon!


Meet Banjo, he is a 3 year old Chocolate Labrador and his is our fully trained up demo dog.


His role in the team is to come along to visit clients and demonstrate how our training works.


We always consult with clients before bringing him along. Most people find it refreshing to see a dog trainer who has a well trained dog. Believe it or not there are not too many dog trainer out there who are willing or able to demonstrate their level of training on their own dog.

The greatest part about having Banjo is that you can see the finished result. He is still a young dog and can be very silly at times. 

We believe dogs should be dogs, they are not robots. A well trained dog s a pleasure to own. 

Can you even imagine owning a dog that doesn't rush out the front door the moment you open it?

How about a dog that resists jumping up on guests when they come to visit?

Or one that knows not to steal the roast diner you left out on the kitchen bench!

Its all possible and we can show you how .... 

Our training is positive, fun and involves no treats. So its great for dogs who are not food driven .... not that I have ever met a Labrador that doesn't love food, Banjo included.

"A multitude of small delights constitute happiness"

Charles Baudelaire






Bega NSW 2550, Australia