Puppy & Kids!

My wife and I would like to say a big thank you to you for coming around to our house and helping us and set up a safe area for our new puppy Jimmy. Thank you for taking the time to explain to the kids how to behave around the puppy.  Thank you for sharing you 5 Simple Step System for training success. 

 S.S Derby WA

Help I can't take my dog for a walk!

I organised a consult with Vicki to meet my husband and our aggressive dog Teeha. Due to my dog being aggressive to other dogs I had stopped walking her in fear of her attacking another dog.

Thanks to Vicki I am now walking her daily without any fear at all.

Vanessa  Derby WA

My dog is making my life hell!

Thank you Vicki for helping me get my dog back under control! She is now 100% better when out walking on the lead and I have more confidence is handling her in difficult situations. Your  5 Simple Step System has worked wonders. She no longer jumps up at visitors and is in general a much calmer chilled out dog .... 

M.Cruse Bega NSW