About Me: Vicki

 I have owned several dogs over the years along with horses, chickens, cats and birds. I am very passionate about dogs. Dogs are amazing companions and when trained with good basic manners can be companions for life. As a dog trainer my aim is to help as many owners and their dogs as possible so everyone can live in harmony. Many issues are quite simply fixed with the right knowledge, time and patience. Sometimes all we need as owners is for someone to show us the way.


About Me: Banjo and my side kick Matilda!

 My name is Banjo and I am 4yr old chocolate Labrador. I can be a little bit cheeky at times. I love to play fun games with my mum. She keeps my mind and body fit and healthy. My recall is super good. I always come when called. I love the water and am a super good swimmer. My mum doesn't like it so much when I tip my water container over and drag it around the house. Mum decided that one mad water dog wasn't enough for her to cope with so she brought me a play mate. Meet Matilda she's a silly girl! I'm learning to be a good big brother and I'm teaching her how to play with water too!